Simi slams popular pastor on her tweeter page over message on relationships

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Popular Lagos pastor, Pastor Kingsley who is known for his messages on relationships on marriages, got himself in trouble with Simi after a video from one of his sermons went viral.
On her Twitter page where she called him out for his message. According to her, his messages were one-sided. It gave the impression that the idea of getting married was the sole desire of women. She went to admonish the pastor to desist from messages like that which will have a huge impact on people especially since he had a lot of worshipers and listeners.

The pastor went on to reply Simi but in his defense said that his message is not one-sided.
“I get you but my message is quite clear….It hasn’t demeaned anybody or put all the responsibility on one sex, I can’t interpret for everyone o,” he replied. 

Click here to watch video of Pastor Kingsley messages and Simi’s response

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