See Reasons For Rise In Drug Abuse Among Teens

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Teen and adolescent misuse may be a significant issue, as medicine tend to have an effect on them a lot of considerably than adults, says message man of science, Aisha Abdullahi Bubah. many times, they don’t realise the injury medicine do to their health and social eudaimonia. It typically begins with experimental use and grows into frequent misuse.

Bubah noted that the house plays a big role in preventing or predisposing teens to drug use.
“Family history of drug use additionally genetically predisposes a baby to use medicine. the link dynamics and communication vogue in an exceedingly family additionally plays a job in influencing the choices that teens build.

While stressing on the impact of peer pressure to the rising cases of substance abuse, the scientist said that in the adolescent organic process amount, they are going through a series of changes socially, showing emotion and physically. they start to develop their worldview and a way of identity. this is often considerably characterized by forming robust peer relationships, with a requirement for sense of happiness. This stage is marked by seeking independence from folks and acceptance by peers.

They begin to share similar interests and have interaction in similar activities with their peers. this offers area for positive or negative influence, looking on what their peers area unit concerned in. Peer pressure plays a significant role within the rise of substance abuse, as most teens would rather belong with their peers than be the various one. Studies have shown that teens area unit a lot of possible to act out risky behaviours once they understand their friends area unit observation and once their friends area unit concerned.

On signs folks ought to look out for in their wards to forestall any harm, Bubah listed the subsequent warning signs which might be managed before it gets out of control:
• Mood swings- typically feeling extreme lows/extreme highs, angry outbursts, hostile.
• behavioral changes- Poor tutorial performance, bother authoritatively, new friends, bother at college, missing categories, being closelipped, poor hygiene, rankness or excessive use of fragrance to hide up the smell of drugs/alcohol, isolation from family, deviancy, stealing, marketing off valuables, finding drug gear in their rooms like ash trays, lighters, syringe, eye-drops, etc.
• Poor motivation – issue concentrating on activities, forgetfulness, low energy.
• Physical issues – poor sleep pattern, low appetence, sweating, headaches, symptom, sharp weight gain/ loss, blood-shot eyes, scratching, needle marks on their arms, etc.

She extra that whereas there area unit more signs that will signal substance abuse in your ward, the preceding warning signs don’t for a truth establish substance abuse in your teenage.

On why it’s rampant within the society nowadays as we’ve tons of adolescents concerned in intense out of the question stuff to urge high, the content scientist same that tons of reasons are often attributed to convenience of the medicine, the “silence” culture, economic distress, state, high rate of financial condition, etc.

“When medicine area unit promptly accessible like alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana (which is that the most extremely abused drug in Nigeria), prescribed drugs like cough sweetening, tramadol, etc., they have a tendency to be extremely abused. The silence culture in Nigeria has junction rectifier USA into a scenario wherever social problems like substance abuse don’t seem to be overtly mentioned. it’s chiefly perceived as a criminal offense, and solely criminals get entangled with medicine. However, this is often not the case.

“Socio-economic difficulties have created adolescents request solace and escape in medicine, from facing the cruel realities of life. And also, undue pressure on adolescents to succeed academically and career-wise has created drug use rampant amongst them as a brick mechanism. However, medicine don’t provide solace within the face of issues, it solely offers a short lived pleasant relief and creates new and greater issues for the individual,” Bubah concludes.

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