Nollywood Actress, Padita Agu Narrated the Story of How She was Raped at 15 years old

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Padita Agu who is a Nollywood actress has narrated the bad experience of how she was raped when she was just 15 years old.
The divorced nollywood actress revealed this while speaking on her YouTube channel.

She said, “I was raped at 15. We were attacked by armed robbers within the house and that i got raped. That was my first experience and it had been horrible. I had no therapy. Nobody talked to me or talked me through it. I just lived with it and addressed it myself. I didn’t know how to handle it . I just carried on with life from that time . My sex life was tousled until I got married. Before I got married, I told my would-be husband the challenge I had. He said there was no problem and he would walk me through it.”
Padita Agu went on to disclose how she overcame her aversion for sex.

“When we got married, my then-husband just got me a book to read and figure myself out. it had been an enormous issue on behalf of me . I got frustrated at some point because he was always not happy about it, too. i used to be depressed for many times due to this. I didn’t know what to try to to . i attempted practising what I read within the book i used to be given but it had been not working.

“So at some point , out of frustration, I reached bent a lady who sold food items not too faraway from where I lived some time past . I started telling her my frustrations with sex. She told me she was once like that before and told me the straightforward things she did. She told me that whenever she was having sex, she would begin to moan and provides the husband the impression that she was enjoying it. Whatever he does to her, she would heighten it. At the start , she was just acting it up but after a short time , she realised that she was starting to feel the items she was acting.
“What I picked from that was that words are powerful. When she started saying those words, she didn’t mean them; she was just saying those things for him to enjoy it. Later, her words became her reality and she or he started enjoying sex. I learnt from her and commenced to place into practice what she said. At first, it didn’t appear as if it had been working but I kept on doing it and therefore the story is different today,” she said.

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