Kenyan man beaten to death after being allegedly accused of having coronavirus

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A Kenyan man was beaten to death by youths armed with stones, after he was suspected of having coronavirus.

Kenya’s health ministry has confirmed seven cases of coronavirus so far, and a man identified as George Kotini Hezron, was on his way home yesterday when he was attacked by the mob.

He was suspected of having the virus and decided to set upon him as he walked home at around 9pm, according to local media.

The vigilante mob argued with Hezron and accused him of having the deadly disease and threw stones at him before fleeing.


George Hezron was rushed to Mwambseni Subcounty Hospital where he died of his injuries.

Country police commander Joseph Nthenge said it was not known if the victim had the virus and warned against false accusation people of being infected.

He told Kenyan newspaper The Star;

‘Someone reported that the attackers saw the man staggering. They approached him, started an argument and beat him up.

‘Kotini met a group of youths and an argument ensued as the youths took advantage of his drunkenness and started accusing him of suffering from coronavirus.

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