A new single hit “coco” released by rapper Gold symbol

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Nigeria rapper popularly known as Gold symbol just dropped his newest hit, titled “Coco”, an Afro hip-hop single which is shutting down the entire musical arena across Nigeria since it was released on 4th February 2019.
With his fast rising fame, singer “Symbol” is known to be influential and among the most skilled artist from the south-south region of Nigeria.
In an exclusive interview with rapper Symbol, he told Vanguard that his new hit single “Coco” was a song which was inspired by one of the contestants of the 2018/2019 Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria; that the song was however a reflection of his undecided feelings for the stunning and alluring beauty of the MBMN contestant.
Speaking with Amity Global Network, the mangers of “Gold Symbol” they highlighted the envisioned and creative capacity of the singer, stating that “Gold Symbol” is a rare commodity and a musical burgeon that cannot be stopped.

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